S:1206 Principle: Repeating

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


An issue of mine sidestepped for years became clear. (If you have never sidestepped something, you may ignore the rest of this S3MC.)

The issue: I enjoy the first time nearly always, the ninth nearly never.

Discovery, curiosity, adventure, learning, all pull me into doing, or at least trying, the first time. I sort high for experiences, particularly new ones. It’s fun and energizing. Oh, it has its scrapes, costs and missteps, but the potential payoffs usually mask the potential pitfalls. And yes, if you’re wondering, age, maturity and time have tempered my endeavors; I’m much less likely to risk dying while trying than in my younger years.

The revelation which triggered this is: repetition bores me.

Once I’ve mastered something, or have gone as far toward mastery as I’m able, I find it a struggle to continue. Even if it continues to have some payoff there’s not enough. The (symbolic) ninth time rarely draws me.


Coaching Point: I enjoy the first time nearly always, the ninth nearly never. What is true for you? What is your model for continuing motivation, success, and happiness?


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