(Distinctions are subtleties of language that, when gotten, cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.)

Many people think of their eyes as windows or portals, like telescopes or microscopes, benders of light. They think they are perceivers of images which come in front of them and are thus real. Not so.

What we see is a construct. The light which enters the eyes strikes cells of the retina, exciting them, which creates electrical impulses. From that instant on what we ‘see’ is constructed by the mind. We want to think the images in our mind are like projections on a movie screen, but they are not. There is no ‘image.’ There are only (yes, it’s a big only) constructs. You know this is so when you can close your eyes and ‘see’ an image in your mind, maybe even one of a scene you never actually saw through your eyes. It’s constructed.

Why is this important? Because what we think we see is not real. It’s manufactured and the manufactured images in our minds are influenced by many things:

> Past experiences (what we’ve seen before, we assume we see again).
> What we believe (“All _____ are bad”).
> What we need to see (confirmation bias).
> Different perspectives change perception (context matters).

Remembering that what you see isn’t what you see, but only a construct of the mind will help you be free.

Coaching Point: Do you see what I mean?

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