(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“Where am I being judgmental?”

Coaching Point: You know I write and share many of these weekly S3MCs based on what’s occurring in my life, don’t you? So, yes, I’ve become aware of just how judgmental I’ve been. And I see the great cost of it. Whether you are conscious of being judgmental or not, when you are it is expensive. For instance:

Judging radiates an energy which is off-putting to people. Damaging to relationships.

Judging uses energy which could have been added to your happiness instead of powering the feelings of upset which always accompany judging. Take a look at the ‘juice’ you get from judging and ask if it’s really worth it.

Judging interferes with seeing what-is-so, which has useful supportive information for you. Blocked awareness makes your journey harder.

Judging is frequently an attempt to fill some unmet need. Heal the need and the judging fades.

It’s healthy – and for most of us a little scary – to look at how you are judgmental. The rewards of healing it are great.

Are you willing to look?

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