S:1219 Quote: Trading Lesser For Greater

(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)

“Let go of the lesser in order to experience the greater.
This is not a bad bargain.”

Ernest Holmes

Coaching Point: This would seem the perfect example of a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t make that lesser-for-greater trade?

Most of us, it turns out.

We get stuck in the payoffs from the little stuff and don’t think about available bigger payoffs. Momentum and comfort are factors.

We went for something big once; it didn’t work out; we decided we must not be able to have big stuff. This is called “holding yourself small.”

But the biggest reason? We’re simply blind to how magnificent we are, to how available ‘big’ is for us. Since we don’t see it we don’t ask.

What ‘lesser’ can you let go of today in order to open up for a ‘greater’ to appear?

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