S:1225 Principle: Think

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

Don’t believe everything you think.

You think a lot. A nearly continuous stream of thoughts. It’s useful to think. But to have unexamined thoughts, unexamined beliefs, not so much.

A belief is a thought you’ve thought a lot. It’s grooved in so deeply you don’t question it, operating from it unconsciously. And since that belief has been working for you, you stay with it. Fine. It’s when it no longer works for you, that’s the issue.

Recall this: what is something you used to believe, then learned new information and changed what you believed? You have changed your mind sometime in your life, haven’t you? Of course.

When are you most open to receive new data, entertain new thoughts? When trauma or drama happen? When a person of influence gets your attention? When what you have believed no longer works? When you choose to reexamine your beliefs? The person who is open to revisiting their beliefs is one who has greater awareness and options.

It’s healthy to not believe everything you think.

Coaching Point: Where have you changed your thinking?

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