(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“What do I fear to hear?” (Or see?) (Or experience?)

Coaching Point: This S3MC surfaced when I recently realized I was avoiding having a necessary, but probably unpleasant, conversation. As I projected the thought of it onto the future the imagined emotional energy felt really uncomfortable. Simply put, I didn’t want to experience it. So there I was, uncomfortable in what-was-so right now, yet unwilling to experience the (imagined) greater discomfort of having the conversation.

And that’s the key to moving forward – notice the cost of what you fear to hear (see/experience) and know it will continue to accrue until you act. The longer you delay taking action the greater the cumulative cost.

Of course, one time, long ago and far away, you put off taking action on an issue and it resolved itself. “Maybe it’ll magically happen again,” you tell yourself. Really? ‘Maybe’ is a winning strategy?

Not for people leading highly successful lives. They have learned the cumulative cost of putting off what they fear to hear is far greater than the cost of action.

Where in your past have you experienced the truth of this?

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