S:1235a Personal Need: Explained

Tomorrow as usual I’ll be posting an S3MC. One of the early S3MC categories was on Personal Needs. I have become reawakened to the impact and costs of unmet Needs.

Since I haven’t written and posted an S3MC in that category in years I thought it useful to post this brief explanation of what Personal Needs are.

For the most part Personal Needs are created by not receiving something we require during the developmental stages of our life. By not getting it met then, we have a void which feels uncomfortable, even painful. Motivated by the pain we learn to get the outside (people, situations, etc.) to give us what feels missing inside so we can have temporary relief. That external dependency can create some expensive and unhealthy repeating dynamics!

An unmet Need causes us to feel empty, incomplete or less than whole. Temporarily getting a Need met gives temporary relief. Fulfilling a Need gives us the freedom to fully be ourselves.

To get a Need satisfied/healed/resolved is, these days, pretty easy. But first you have to recognize that you have it! Tomorrow’s S3MC will highlight one. You can read all of the others I’ve written about at the S3MC website, Steves3MinuteCoaching.com.

Coaching Point: While expensive, do you know there is nothing wrong, that it’s really okay, to be needy?

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