(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“What interests me?”

Coaching Point: It has become popular to talk about passion. “What are you passionate about?” “Without passion life is dull.” “Follow your passion.” Passion has a point, but it can become consuming and draining. To be Interested is on Passion’s scale, just not so intense.

What’s it like when you’re interested in something – an event, a person, an activity, an item? Interested has its own energy. It creates focus. It can engage others.

When you’re interested you’ll investigate and learn. (Some of you are ‘wired’ to learn, so you can’t help it!) Discovery is a byproduct. Much is created from the simple motivation interest provides.

Interest is ‘clean,’ usually not needy or coming from a place of scarcity. And self-motivating. It’s healthy to think about what interests you.

What does interest you?

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