S:1250 Principle: Change

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

All permanent change is internal. Really? Let’s break it down:

“All” – I’m skeptical about “all” “never” “everywhere” and such. I invite you to also be so when considering this S3MC Principle. But, in this case, I stand behind “All”.

“Permanent” – Forever, complete, non-recurring. Done.

“Change” – Not kinda, not pretend, not should/would/could. Real change. Things become different than they were.

“Is” – real, what-is-so, undeniable, actual. Neither past mirage nor future projection, The Present.

“Internal” – No nice new paint job, no sugar coating, no fake-it-till-you-make-it veneer. It’s an inside thing. Inside you.

All permanent change is internal.

Ever changed your eating habits to lose or gain weight, had it work for a while, then sometime later reverted to your previous weight?

Ever vowed to increase your savings or decrease your debt, saw results for a while, then found your financial situation right back where it was?

Etcetera. In relationships, business, geographies, you name it.

Temporary change is, well, temporary. You can change the outside in many ways, but until you change your core self-limiting thoughts, no-longer-useful beliefs, and the mental conditioning which has been giving you what you’ve been getting, you’ll revert. Every time.

Fortunately, these days, making permanent internal change is easy.

Coaching Point: What do you want to change? Are you willing to change internally?

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