(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

You learned about the mean in middle school math class. You may have even made a wordplay around ‘meanness’ thinking yourself to be quite clever.

The mean is the description of what all variables return to. (By the laws of Newtonian physics; Quantum physics laws don’t apply here.)

Example: The waves of the sea may have high or low peaks, and corresponding deep or shallow troughs, but when the wind quits blowing and everything settles down, they will return to a smooth level. The ‘mean’ for the ocean is called sea level.

Another: A thermostat turns on and off heating and cooling systems to keep you in a comfort zone. The thermostat’s setting is its ‘mean’.

In any time of turbulence here are two good ‘mean’ thoughts.

First, shift your focus and discover the mean within your current upset rather than be buffeted by variations from it.

Then, relax, knowing things will revert to the mean.

Coaching Point: Do you find comfort in this?

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