S:1291 Principle: Milestones

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

Milestones can be of any size, any significance. A milestone’s importance is personal. Birthdays, starting dates, finals, one-of-a-kinds – their significance depends on how you view them, your perspective, your positionality. Some may be shared by others and thus seem to have more significance, but the feeling of a milestone is personal.

Today’s issue of Steve’s 3-Minute Coaching completes 25 years of every Wednesday delivery. That’s a milestone of some significance for me. Why? It’s because I’m not a highly disciplined, strong will-powered kind of guy. If it had taken those personal attributes, I would not have stuck to it this long.

The energizing force has been the joy of discovery and learning. I have become programmed to ‘see’ potential S3MCs every day – in life, during coaching calls, from books, even from casually overheard conversations in restaurants. Every S3MC is a piece of clarity and growth for me, a chance to see the world from a greater perspective. And that’s fun!

I know many of you have benefited from some of them and that’s enjoyable for me, also. We have something of a shared experience through this simple medium. And I thank you for reading them, sharing them, giving me feedback. (Whether you were thanking, agreeing, or disagreeing my feedback file has over 2000 emails in it.)

Thanks for sending me ideas. Thanks for recommending to your friends, family, and co-workers that they become subscribers.

And thanks for sharing this milestone with me.

Coaching Point: What are a couple of your important milestones?

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