S:1293 Attainment: Neutral

(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)

Level 1 – Rage.
Out of control. Taken over by emotions. Unreasonable; that is to say, there is no reasoning here, it’s all emotion. Expensive.

Level 2 – Anger.
Somewhat in control but seeing no other options. Not liking what is going on. Still want it to change. Heated energy. A little less expensive.

Level 3 – Mad.
May be silent. Still not liking what’s going on, but pretty well keeping it to yourself. Or at least you think you’re not showing it! You may be. Moderate energy cost, but it’s still draining.

Level 4 – Irritation.
Pretty well detached. Probably still judging. Wish things weren’t so, but oh well. The energy drain is slight, yet present.

Level 5 – Neutral.
Can see clearly. Get it that you would have things be different but have no attachment to changing things. No judging. No energy drain, no energy gain. Neutral.

Coaching Point: What level have you attained?

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