S:1295 Principle: Anniversaries

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

Another S3MC addressed milestones. Anniversaries are similar to milestones, sharing many attributes, while having an important difference.

There are countless kinds of anniversaries. Wedding anniversaries, of course. Also, the start date of a business; marking Twelve Step sobriety; birthday celebrations are a form of anniversary by a different name; and how about the time you’ve lived in a certain location? We recognize all types of anniversaries.

Which can be quite useful to mark the passage of time, remembrances of the important past, and to highlight the significance of events and relationships.

All this is also true of milestones, yet anniversaries have a certain extra – a level of feelings which mere milestones don’t share. Milestones are more linear, factual, head-stuff. Anniversaries have that plus an emotional component, heart-stuff, if you will. We take note of milestones; we feel and celebrate anniversaries.

By the way, many anniversaries didn’t seem significant when they started, then grew in importance. Either because of the cumulative passage of time or because of awakening to an awareness of how a today anniversary was created by a yesterday event, its significance unnoticed at the time.

Some anniversaries with special names or symbols are known and celebrated publicly while others are private, meaningful only to you.

Coaching Point: What are some anniversaries which are important to you? Would it be good to remember them more, celebrate them more?

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