(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

“Ready!” “Aim!” “Fire!”

And the greatest of these is Ready.

Sure, nothing happens until you ‘pull the trigger.’ That is the final creator of a result. Some hesitate to fire and miss opportunities. Others fire too soon and miss opportunities. Timing ‘Fire!’ is important.

And before you fire make sure your aim is good. Aiming is a separate skill from firing. To create the results you want you need to be proficient at both.

Ah, but being Ready is the foundation of it all. And that doesn’t mean only being ready in the moment of firing, it also means being ready by preparing ahead of time. Learning, planning, looking at contingencies, building useful reserves, studying the target, ‘checking the wind’ of the market or objective, coordinating with others, and other preparation steps.

Highly successful people (that is, people who are consistently successful) are very good at being ready when opportunities come along. They have prepared and can aim and fire quickly.

Fire-Fire-Fire is also a technique. It can work, for some, some of the time, maybe.

Aim-Aim-Aim, but never fire? Nope. No results.

And Ready-Ready-Ready doesn’t work either. Being Ready doesn’t mean to over-prepare, it means appropriately prepared. Then you can aim and fire confident of success.

Coaching Point: Are you Ready?

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