(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“What rules am I following that I wish I could break?”

Coaching Point: The answers to this Great Question are evoked through three inquiries.

To begin, what are the rules you’re following and who established them? Did you learn them yourself or merely inherit them? If they’ve been in place for a while some are still valid and useful, some may no longer be. For you. For others, fine, but not for you. So the first step is to become aware of and clear about the rules which run you.

The second inquiry is to get clarity about why you wish you could break the rules. Outdated? Never yours to begin with? Good and useful at one point in your life, but now barriers to something better? If there is a part of you which wants to break out, trust the tug.

Finally, why have you not already broken free? Do you need permission? Does the change seem scary? Will there be consequences (real or imagined)?

Rules are great. Knowing and following rules can simplify life and make your journey easier by not having to stop and contemplate the consequences of each little action. The rules are the rails your engine is chugging along.

It’s the unexamined rules which may be holding you back.

What rules are you following that you wish you could break?

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