(Great fears are barriers to experiencing your real life.)

This has been a popular topic for years, but it’s one I’ve never really bought into. The reason is Fear of Success is nearly always fronting for one or more other issues.

A fear of ‘the other shoe dropping’ is common, a euphemism for expecting to return to the current level of success. Having once experienced success a return to the current norm will be more painful than had you not ever experienced it, thus generating a fear of success. This ‘other shoe’ issue may in turn mask more subtle matters.

Another fear blocking success is a fear of a loss of identity. You know who you are now but worry that you won’t know who you are when you are (more) successful. Understandable. All new territory can seem uncomfortable without a map. Get a map…evaporate the fear of success.

What about the folks you ‘leave behind’ with your newfound success? What will they think of you? How will they treat you? More to the point do you worry how you will treat them from your new place of success? These are reasonable concerns. Once addressed you may find a fear of success evaporating.

Coaching Point: There are several other narratives which can be involved in having a fear of success. What are some that come to mind for you right now?

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