(Distinctions are subtleties of language that, when gotten, cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.)

Reading several books recently about wealth – its attributes, myths, and meaning – one of the recurring themes was guilt. Most often mentioned as an emotion experienced by people who had ascended to wealth from middle- or working-class backgrounds.

Their views of wealth had been formed as ‘outsiders’ (pre-wealthy) and their time in wealth was not yet enough for their views to expand to embrace the full potential wealth can provide. Nor its new requirements and responsibilities.

Sure, most pre-wealthy people dream about or imagine becoming wealthy, but the truth is one can never know without experiencing. We can know about, we can guess-and-project, but only really know from within. And they had not been within wealth long enough to override their pre-wealth beliefs.

The guilt they experience in having wealth can override their gratitude in having it. With training, guidance, time, and intention one can learn to live an emotionally satisfying and useful wealthy existence, with most of the pluses and few, if any, of the negatives.

Gratitude is powerful mojo, wonderful energy, right at the moment of experiencing it. To experience it continuously is a gift. Gratitude can replace guilt. Guilt can then drop to becoming a guide to discover and resolve its stored false stories.

Guilt drags one down; gratitude lifts.

Coaching Point: This S3MC is not only about gratitude instead of guilt for wealth. It’s about gratitude versus guilt for anything.

What can you do to resolve a guilt – any guilt – and let it be replaced by gratitude?

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