S:1319 Great Question: Good Life?

(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“What makes for a good life?”

Coaching Point: This is almost a trick question.

Some will read it looking for answers from others, the outside. An amazing percent of the population either assume they know or are willing to take what someone else says as their truth. No real introspection.

Its real value is when the question is answered from within.

Suggestion: Looking at each part of your life – health, relationships, money, spirituality, etc. – list a couple of answers to the ‘good life’ question. In a few days do that again. And again a week or so later. See if repeating patterns emerge. Don’t make this hard or time-consuming, merely illuminating. With clarity, progress toward your good life can be made.

It’s hard to have a good life if that good life hasn’t been quantified.

Have you noticed that your answers to this Great Question have changed over the years?

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