(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)

“Man’s dilemma—now and always—has been that he misidentifies his own intellectual artifacts as reality. But these artificial suppositions are merely the products of an arbitrary point of perception.”


“Understanding does not proceed simply from examining data; it comes from examining data in a particular context. Data is useless until we know what it means.”

David Hawkins

Coaching Point: What? He’s saying my understanding is ‘artificial,’ and based on ‘an arbitrary point of perception’? How dare he!

Okay – grumble – I know he’s correct. Every time I experience shifting and seeing my world from a new perspective a new context arises and a new meaning of what I ‘knew’ emerges.

Knowing your point of perception and the context it provides is essential to enjoying better outcomes.

How do you absorb the change which accompanies an expanded context?

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