(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

Balance is a universal myth. And an individual truth.

Work/life balance, work/family balance, living a balanced life, and other descriptors for the ‘balance’ topic are widely used, their meanings assumed.

Implied in the word is that there is an identifiable definition, accurate and agreed upon, for balance. Though it’s acceptable to have a range define balance, it’s a pretty narrow range. We seem to ‘know’ what balance is.

Thus, when someone says to another about a third person (usually not present!) that they are “out of balance” and get a nodding agreement it means they have a shared definition of what balance is.

Well that’s just their point of view, it’s not a Universal Truth.

What is true is that each one of us is always in balance … per our individual definition. The choices we make – as wildly out of balance, damaging even, as they may appear to others – they are giving us what we want right now.

Rather than bemoan being out of balance, perhaps even judging yourself or feeling that you are a victim of outside forces, begin to imagine what it will be like when your life is running more smoothly.

Coaching Point: Is there any place where your current balance is now costing you more than you’re willing to pay? What has to happen for you to shift to a different balance which will give you a less costly/more pleasing outcome?

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