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“Under Promise. Over deliver.”

Twyla Maddux

Coaching Point: This is a long-time staple of the Coaching world. It is the opposite of what most people do.

When was the last time a vendor stretched a promise to you into an over-promise and then under-delivered? Didn’t come out very well, I suspect.

That’s why you want to always under promise. It sets you up for the winning energy of delivering more than was expected. How to under promise?

State a delivery date that is far enough in the future so no matter ‘how high the creek gets’ you can deliver. Then, if all works out well you can deliver earlier than promised.

Quote an amount which you know includes all possible elements of cost. Then, when giving them the invoice let them know the price is lower than you thought it would be.

Carry this under promise / over deliver into all arenas of human interaction. You will be the main beneficiary because when you over promise you create an automatic pressure on yourself. Under promise and the pressure is off.

By the way, never tell them you’re under promising! Let the over deliver be your delightful ‘something extra’. Become known as someone who always delivers what you promise – or better.

Have you got an upcoming opportunity to under promise?

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