(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

Life is too short to have to explain yourself.

Explaining, justifying, working to be understood, trying to be being accepted, these and other activities are a waste of your time. Thinking that you need to do them is the result of conditioning which has programmed you to play the game that way.

Instead, consider a different approach.

Who are you, really? What are your core values and beliefs? Are you clear enough to let them be shown? Or do you need to hide them so you can ‘fit in’?

What is your life, your journey about? Do you know what you want to have happen? Where you’re heading? And why?

Do you live in integrity (the Coaching definition)? It’s when what you think and feel and say and do are the same. All parts of you are in alignment.

The person – and they exist in the world in legion numbers – who has paid attention to the above points, and handled them, radiates a clear energy and message. They are who and what they are.

They don’t have to explain themselves.

Coaching Point: Been feeling the need to explain yourself lately?

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