(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“What do I want, now?”

Coaching Point: You may think you always know the answer, but experience with a wide array of personalities, intellects, interests, and histories shows it’s not such a simple question. Okay, it is simple, but for most not easy to answer.

Notice the “now” in the question. Some people are still pursuing outcomes they used to want and are assuming they still do. If you have an outcome which hasn’t manifested after a long time, you may want to let go of it and pick something new.

Notice the “want” word in the question. Want is a ‘pull’ word; they draw you to them. They are compelling, motivating, desirable, and clear. Fuzzy, wishy-washy, indeterminate, ephemeral outcomes lack that pulling power.

Finally, notice it all centers around “I.” The most powerful wants are yours, not what your mommy wanted for you, not what advertisers say you need, not what your peer group wants. You.

What do you want, now?

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