(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“When Do I feel I Am My Most Generous?”

Coaching Point: Generous has no cost. Hold on, I’ll defend that in a moment.

First let’s look at some common forms of generosity. You can observe others giving time, skills, money, caring, support, all clear generous giving. From the data we have, though, we don’t know if the giving is a want-to or a should-do because we don’t know the inner thoughts and feelings of the giver.

If they give to appear generous or to make a statement about themselves or they are getting some emptiness filled or were coerced into giving – and only they know their inner truth, as much as we sometimes think we know – then there is probably a should buried in there somewhere.

Other people are generous because they want to be. Want-to generosity is paid in the doing, nothing has to come back to balance things because they are full and giving from their overflow. Thus generous giving from the overflow has no cost.

Should-do generosity has costs beyond the giving. In anxiety, stress, neediness, fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

What’s going on, what’s true, when you feel you are your most generous self?

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