(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)

“Preferences are optional and subject to constraints,
whereas constraints are neither optional nor subject to preference.”

Author Unknown

Coaching Point: There is so much wisdom in this quote. We see the two subjects – preferences and constraints – get swapped, intermingled, and reversed. It’s sometimes hard to see one from the other.

If you have a preference you’re really in love with you may find yourself ignoring real constraints which could prevent your preference from coming to pass. Ignore constraints at your peril. That doesn’t mean the constraints can’t be mitigated or circumvented, but they do need to be seen and included in your plan, not ignored.

Constraints are. You may not like them, but if you choose not to see them, getting your preferences will be harder than need be.

All constraints can be viewed from different perspectives. Doing that will usually show there are ways around them so that you can enjoy having your preference.

What is an outcome you’re passionate about right now?

Do you have a clear view/definition/understanding of your preference?

Do you see the constraints standing in the way of you enjoying your preference?

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