(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“What amazes me?”

Coaching Point: Children spend much of their time amazed. That’s because each day can be an introduction to something new, interesting, wonderful. For them there is a continual unfoldment of something they haven’t seen before, had no idea existed, and, well, amazes them.

And then they grow up. Adults busy in the routine of the routine.

Ah, but the delight of being amazed lies dormant in the heart of all adults, just waiting to blossom anew.

Why doesn’t it blossom? We forget to look. We’re busy on ‘more important things.’ We don’t remember the juice being amazed brings.

This is not to say we adults are never amazed, just that we’re amazed a whole lot less than when we were young, when the wide world was new to us.

What has recently amazed you?

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