(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

Two recent S3MC’s were Distinctions with the same words but in reverse order. The convention I use in writing Distinctions is that the first word or phrase is the stronger of the two. The other side of the Distinction is not bad or wrong, just the weaker of the two. That stronger/weaker difference forms a gap to see the Distinction. From a Coaching perspective Distinctions are effective ways to trigger an ah-ha, a new awareness or insight. With greater awareness the journey gets better.

“What If?” and “What Is” were the two parts of the recent S3MC Distinctions. Depending on their order each Distinction conveyed a different message or perspective – don’t be held back by What Is and don’t ignore What Is as you build castles in the air.

The reason for this S3MC?

Words matter. Choose yours wisely. Confirm that what you think and say is what you really want to think and say. Be willing to challenge your ‘truths’ to see if what you think and say is helping you have a great life or holding you back from one.

Coaching Point: Have you looked at your words and their meaning lately?

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