(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“How much positive energy can I comfortably receive right now?”

Coaching Point: The key word in this Great Question is ‘comfortably’.

Everybody can receive something. The issue is: how much? You’ve seen the now classic stories about lottery winners returning to their previous lifestyle within 24-36 months. They, and other sudden financial windfall recipients, were uncomfortable with their wealth. That’s a money example.

But what about receiving large amounts of freedom? A friend who was a Sheriff tells of people who had spent so much time in jail that, when released from their current sentence, would intentionally break some law in order to be returned to jail. They were uncomfortable with too much freedom and its attendant day-in, day-out life responsibilities.

We also see this with newly retired folks who, absent a corporate-imposed structure, wander around uncomfortable with their freedom.

Or have you known someone who has had numerous rocky relationships and when a healthy one shows up, they don’t trust the offered love? They don’t know how to be comfortable with it. Perhaps they’re braced for the ‘other shoe’?

The hypochondriac with fresh health. The guilt-ridden forgiven. The grief-stricken with a new start.

We all have our self-referencing limits. Every one of them is changeable! What was does not have to define what is coming.

How much positive energy can you comfortably receive – right now?

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