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“The illusion is that we all thought the source of happiness is something outside ourselves, that something outside ourselves has the power to make us happy. However, the minute we give away our power and project it outside ourselves, we are in a negative energy field and set ourselves up as victims.”

David Hawkins – from his book Healing and Recovery

Coaching Point: Happiness is an illusion? Seems pretty real to me!

Then I thought of times when I had been happy because of something which happened outside of me and then saw that happiness fade to black when the outside changed.

Happy and happiness (contentment, joy, feel good – whatever label which appeals to you) are internal experiences. They may be triggered/stimulated/evoked by external occurrences, but the experience, the feelings, the ‘juice’ is within you. Notice that two people can hear the same joke and one laughs while the other frowns. Same externals, different internals.

Also notice that what has evoked a happiness response in you in the past may not now do so. You’ve changed.

Think of recent situations in your life when you have had an experience of happy/happiness. Recall the externals. When those externals were removed did the pleasant feelings fade?

That gets to the nub of this S3MC – we know that any and all things external can be removed. In an instant. There is a constant subtle fear that they will be. That’s why any externally derived ‘source’ of happiness has an edge to it.

What is a great and consistent source of happiness for you?

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