(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“What has been my best creation to date?”

Coaching Point: This is a trick question.

The first answer which popped into your mind is different from the one which might have popped up a few years ago. And different from the one a few years from now. That’s because you are still learning, experiencing, growing, interacting, healing, discovering, playing, responding, laughing, and numerous other ‘ings’.

Only when that stops does the answer become fixed.

Argue with that statement if you want, but if “head cheerleader in high school” is the answer to this Great Question, what have you been experiencing since then?

The same is true if you answered with the name of one of your children. Did your contribution to life creation stop then?

So the point of this inquiry is actually not to name a creation. It’s to notice how your life has been a continuous unfolding journey. That you have always been on the leading edge of creation, your creation.

What if the answer to “What has been my best creation to date?” is “My life!”?

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