(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

In all lives there are unbidden inflection points. Defined as moments when change occurs. The effect an inflection point has depends on its timing, potential impact, and probably most importantly, on awareness.

Inflection points can be at the start, or end, of relationships, careers, geographic choices, truly anywhere in a life’s journey.

But all inflection points do not result in change. Those are the result of reflection points.

Reflection points have awareness, participation, conscious engagement. An inflection point can come and go unnoticed. Reflection points get your attention.

When there is no gap between stimulus and response you are living at the effect of your conditioning, you are not free. A gap gives you the space to be aware, to notice, to be at choice. The gap can provide a reflection point.

To become skilled at looking for, recognizing, and benefiting from reflection points is one sign of a highly successful life.

Coaching Point: What change have you reflected upon recently? Did it result in the possibility of a new and more pleasing outcome?

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