(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“What memories do I recall most?”

Coaching Point: A common theme in the S3MC portfolio is an encouragement to live in the present. A Be-Here-Now sort of focus. The past, and the future, have their place in a life well lived, but you want to visit them not set up camp there. Now is the only real time; the past and future are simply mental constructs.

Today’s Great Question centers around what is to be gained by visiting the past. Of course you may have an enormous bank of memories. We’ve all had a lot happen over time, ups and downs. It’s not about the size of the file, it’s about which items get most of your attention.

Are the bulk of your recalled memories pleasant, uplifting, pleasing, energizing?

Or are they upsetting downers which evoke feelings of anger, regret, revenge, sadness.

The full range is probably available to you. The question is which do you recall most?

It’s interesting that few people know they are at choice about where they place their awareness, about which memories they recall and experience.

Do you choose or do your memories?

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