(Great fears are barriers to experiencing your real life.)

Just about everyone likes to be thought well of by others. May not need it, but probably like it.

And on the other hand few people enjoy being seen as a failure. Now the word failure has countless definitions – one person’s failure may be another’s big win. This S3MC is not going into the definition.

What it’s about is the want/need/desire to not appear to fail in the eyes of others. Turns out, it’s not about them, it’s about you and how you want to be perceived. About fearing being perceived as having failed.

If/when you notice yourself tensing up, worried about being seen as ‘failing,’ concerned about their opinion, then use that awareness to look into yourself to see what your mental conditioning is that would have you care. That inner conditioning is something you can do something about. Them, you can’t change. You, you can.

After all, it’s just their opinion! And everyone has opinions.

Coaching Point: Why would you need their opinion of you to agree with your opinion of you?

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