(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement, or enlightenment.)

“Though much is taken, much abides . . .”

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Coaching Point: This is the first little bit from a longer, and more often fully quoted, Tennyson poem. Brevity – that which is meaningful, powerful, and brief – these few words are a good reminder.

In a world enmeshed in change, upheaval, rearrangement, and new alignment, a world from which it seems much has been taken, it can be easy to focus on the taken. It can seem to be all there is. Not so.

In every world – then, now, and next – much abides. Every moment is alive with possibility. Potential waiting to emerge needing only attention, perhaps yours.

Why do we lament what is no longer so? Who knows? Each person has their own frame of reference of life. They are not wrong. It’s that they are focused on the view out rolling time’s rear window, lamenting loss as they go.

Though much is taken, much abides. As you look at Now, freshly, what abides for you?

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