(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

This S3MC comes in three steps.

First, bring to mind people you have experienced as having goodness. A friend, a leader, a child, someone who exudes an energy of niceness, warmth, quiet friendliness. Goodness has an absence of critical judging and an air of inclusion. In this first step bring to mind people you know who radiate goodness.

Next, think about great masters from the past who have been remembered, in part, because of their radiant goodness. They demonstrated peacefulness, gentle strength in the midst of adversity, and clarity of purpose. Imagine for a moment directly and personally experiencing the goodness from some of the masters. Pause and feel it.

The third step is the big one. In spite of our quite human fears, self-recriminations, guilts, greed, pride, pettiness, and anger – yes, we are far from perfect creatures – in spite of all that, the goodness you have seen in others is universal. The same goodness is in you, too.

Coaching Point: Can you look past your human ‘flaws’ and see the same goodness in you?

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