(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

“I belong everywhere I am.” I overheard that sentence recently. It was spoken matter-of-factly with little emotional charge. Clearly it was a simple statement of that person’s truth – “I belong everywhere I am.”

Reflecting on it I wonder how many people share that view? How many ‘own their own space’? How many are comfortable simply being wherever they are?

Belonging – and aware that you feel you do belong – is a big deal. I remember attending a black-tie event some time ago. It had been years since the previous one and I noticed initially I felt somehow I didn’t ‘fit in’.

No reason to not fit in. My tux was custom-made; I looked good. I knew which fork was for the salad, so to speak. I could carry on a pleasant conversation with a variety of folks.

After a short while and for the rest of the quite enjoyable evening I did fit in. I belonged.

In subsequent days I thought about what I had experienced that evening. [I AM a Coach, after all, fascinated by the human condition; I notice stuff, especially when it’s in me!] I discovered a number of factors which had initially caused me to feel ‘off’ and then dissipated until I felt I belonged where I was. All of them were made up, stories existing only in my mind.

The truth is I do belong everywhere I am. Sure, you may not want me to be somewhere, but that’s about you. How I feel about me is my business.

Coaching Point:
Do you always have that knowing, that “I belong everywhere I am” feeling?

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