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“… believing what I think someone said.”

Stephen Dunn

Coaching Point: Oh boy, this struck a chord. It’s about communication, about assumption. Wide open for error. Let’s break it down.

First, someone said something. That’s the only part probably accurate – words were said. However those words were delivered with a tone of voice, an energy, a charge. [One of the problems with tiny-keyboard texting is it takes willingness and talent to effectively communicate in the absence of sounds. Probably why the use of emojis has become so prevalent. They are symbolic attempts to communicate tone and energy.]

The next part is the “what I think” phrase. Interpretation is subject to many variables – the context within which it occurred, the mood of the listener, and, again, the tone thing. “what I think” is a stew of many parts.

Finally, and maybe the crux of it, is the “believing” part. What we believe shades everything we experience. A person’s life experience is filtered through their beliefs. You and I will differently receive information from a single source. A hoary truism in the professional speaking world – one speech is delivered, but many speeches walk out the door.

Thinking about your role in each part of “… believing what I think someone said” can help improve communications effectiveness.

How careful are you in your communications?

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