(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“How much is enough?”

Coaching Point:
Imagine hearing this question spoken with a disparaging tone. Some negative judging implied. That’s frequently the case whether it is spoken to us or by us to ourselves!

Maybe it’s a conversation about deserving. Or belief in a perceived and uncomfortable disparity. Or veiled envy. Notice the negative connotations. But wait, there’s more!

Identifying ‘enough’ is also a useful awareness. A positive and learnable skill. One such use is in time allocation. Enough time spent – but not more – in one area leaves you free to allocate time – enough time – in another.

Enough working out in the gym (on the running track/swimming pool/tennis court/etc.) without over-doing it, will be optimum for your health.

Enough time at your chosen work will leave more time for your important relationships.

How much food is enough? The answer is dependent on the body you want.

Of course this Great Question could be, and frequently is, asked about money. The question is good, but the answers it evokes are the gold.

Being aware of all the edges – the ‘enoughs’ – is really useful.

How much is enough?

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