(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

Reactions to this S3MC seem to be binary, either agree or not like it at all. So be it. I sure didn’t like it when it was first revealed to me. Upon awakening to its wisdom, I found levels of peace and freedom not previously available.

All emotions are internal.

Nothing makes you happy. Nothing makes you unhappy. No situation makes you fearful. Or joyful. Nothing outside of you causes you to have the emotions you experience. All emotions are internal.

The external situations may indeed trigger your emotional response, but they do not cause it. What you experience emotionally is the result of your conditioning, beliefs, and past experiences. All emotions are internal.

And that is the most wonderful news.

Instead of attempting to change your external world – really, really hard and highly prone to failure – you get to notice every emotional response you experience and choose to keep it or not. You can do simple processes to change and improve your emotional responses. You can become emotionally competent.

All unuseful or negative feelings are our own, and there is no longer looking outside of ourselves for their resolution. All emotions are internal.

Coaching Point: How does that make you feel?
(Trick question! It didn’t ‘make’ you anything.)

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