(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“What Is The Ugliest Thing About Me?”

Coaching Point: Ugly is a word which expresses itself with the mere saying of it. We don’t enjoy the feelings evoked by the word ugly.

Sure, all life is contextual including judgements of what is ugly. So I guess there are some situations in which ugly might be perceived pleasantly. We are not looking for those exceptions here.

We’re looking at one place dead center in each of us: that place of private self-judgement, the set of thoughts about the world – or yourself – you hope no one ever knows you think. Your private ugly thoughts.

Why this topic for an S3MC? Because I recently saw an ugly set of thoughts and beliefs in me. Stinky. I don’t like harboring those thoughts no matter how deeply they had been submerged. Looking at them, owning them, yes even embracing their ugly nature has started the process of their understanding and resolution. I look forward to being free of their tyranny.

We’re all products of the pressures along the path we’ve taken. That’s the nurture side of nature vs. nurture. Some of our experiences have left abrasions and scars. So be it.

This Great Question is (at least for me, maybe for you) to surface, see, and let go of any ‘ugly’ – thought or otherwise – that is holding us back from having the life we want.

What is the ugliest thing about you?

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