(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement, or enlightenment.)

“Good service comes from satisfying your guests.
Hospitality comes from delighting your guests by totally exceeding their expectations in a uniquely personal way.”

Bill Marvin – The Restaurant Doctor

Coaching Point: So maybe you don’t run a restaurant and wonder how this Quote can apply to you. It applies in pretty much every relationship you have.

In business (with your customers/clients), in your charitable organizations (with other donors, the staff, and clients of the charity), in family and friends relationships (everyone which is meaningful to you), in … you get it – delighting works everywhere!

Satisfying is MMR – Meets Minimum Requirements. Fine, but doesn’t really strengthen a relationship.

Delighting is breaking through someone’s autopilot dream state, where most are most of the time. And it’s a positive breakthrough.

Satisfying continues relationships.

But Delighting creates advocates.

Don’t you like to be treated in a way which delights you?

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