(Great fears are barriers to experiencing your real life.)

Change. The mere word brings up a shudder in some when THEY are being required to change. Change elsewhere? That’s fine. But when the outside wants/requires/demands they change, the hackles go up. Why is that?

In large measure it’s because the outside is interfering with perhaps our deepest wiring – the desire to be free. Technically speaking, to be self-determining.

So it is okay for me to choose or decide to change me. Like you, I run my life just fine and that includes learning, awakening, resolving, letting go, adding, and other moving, changing pieces of a life in motion. Living life from the inside-out.

If I decide to change, I’m free. If you want to change me, that threatens my freedom. That’s what can trigger the fear.

Notice it’s not a generic fear of change, it’s a fear of being changed.

Coaching Point: Do you remember the last time you feared Being Changed?

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