(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement, or enlightenment.)

“Everything I have discovered
I was longing for.”

Jamie Beck

Coaching Point: There is power in this quote. In two parts.

First, she expresses an attitude of discovery. Embedded within is curiosity, a leaning into. Discovery is action. Almost always a positive, uplifting, energizing action. Taking in, taking on, the future. It’s where breathing begins.

The other part is more subtle. Her awareness – as she becomes conscious of what she is discovering – is that she had already been thinking of this emerging future at a deeper, unconscious level – the longing-for part.

Putting the two together we get a powerful bit of guidance.

That which emerges (manifests, shows up) into the world of form was first a thought. The conscious and unconscious in concert.

What have you discovered – that you were longing for?

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