(Great fears are barriers to experiencing your real life.)

When was the most recent time you were verbally appreciated?

When was the most recent time you told someone you appreciated them?

Appreciation is major mojo, big energy, life affirming, attractive and, quite frequently, rare.

It was difficult for me to affirm others because my cup was so dry. Big cup, shallow contents. My Coach said, “Do it anyway.” I gutted it up and started expressing appreciation to others, when appropriate.

Found out I liked it. Found out I enjoyed how I felt when I affirmed another, when I told someone I appreciated something about them. Found out I was the energy recipient all along.

And yes, I was increasingly appreciated and affirmed by others, but it no longer mattered. Nice when it happened, but not needed. My cup stays full.

Coaching Point: Have you ever experienced a fear of not being appreciated, not being affirmed?

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