(Distinctions are subtleties of language that, when gotten, cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.)

Struggle is an indicator that something is off, ill-timed, poorly prepared, or beyond an obvious solution. When struggle rears its head pause and re-look at the situation. Most people won’t do that. They confront struggle with renewed amped-up energy. Trying to force an outcome is rarely (never?) a good idea.

Instead, undo the basis of the problem.

Struggle is like playing whack-a-mole. Only addressing the effect.

Undoing the basis of the problem is like unplugging the machine. It gets beyond effect to cause.

Granted, by unplugging you don’t get to play the whack-a-mole game, but extrapolating that metaphor into the real world, ask yourself: Do I want to be busy or effective?

By the way, the process of shifting to seeking, and undoing, the basis of the problem taps you into an energy stream full of possibilities. Ones not visible to a struggler.

Coaching Point: Are you already good at pausing in the struggle, just being with the problem, letting solution(s) emerge?

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