(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)

Trees are a visual of the life cycle – they emerge, grow to maturity, and die. Each in their own time and way.

Along the way they naturally drop leaves and limbs. This material is known as dead-fall. Left alone it’s fine, but dried it can become a fire hazard to the healthy trees above it.

Accumulating it in a pile on open ground it can be safely burned. Along with deliberately felled trees that may be diseased or need to be cleared to create a healthy firebreak the burn pile can become quite large.

Why is it so satisfying to experience a pile of dead dry timber burning vigorously, thoroughly?

Is it the fire at the mouth of the cave, 1000 generations back? Warming the tribe against the winter chill and keeping predators at bay?

Is it a vague reminder of the fire-based transition from raw protein to cooked?

Or maybe it’s just about cleaning up a pile of leftovers! Orderliness.

A clear crisp pre-sunset Fall day after days of rain. Going to freeze overnight. Oh, but the fire warm and satisfying.

Tomorrow a pile of ashes to be scattered feeding the ground to grow anew.

Coaching Point: Is there a part of your life that is ready for The Burn Pile?

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