(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“What are the biggest ah-ha’s I’ve had this year?”

Coaching Point: An ah-ha is when something changes in your thoughts/awareness. A sudden and marked change; you notice it at the moment of its occurrence. Perhaps it causes a forehead slap (one wag called that the sound of one hand clapping). Once illumined, irreversible; you can’t un-ah-ha an ah-ha.

Reviewing your ah-ha’s shows you how awake and aware you were this year. This is hopefully a grin-inducing activity.

Or your review may remind you of a course redirection ah-ha that merits refreshing – calling for more attention and intention.

If your first response to this Great Question was, “I don’t recall having any ah-ha’s this past year” you may want to ask yourself why not? Are you stuck in place? Afraid of taking some action? Is there nothing you want more than what you’re having now?

Do you know there is an endless stream of ah-ha’s waiting for you – to motivate, encourage and support your journey?

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