(Distinctions are subtleties of language that, when gotten, cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.)

This is a subtle but important Distinction. When Continual settles in to become your norm you will find life more rewarding and easier.

Many people believe that success in life is directly related to how hard they work – struggle and strive to thrive and arrive! It’s a message they got early (from a parent or a taskmaster-style athletic coach), took to heart, and found it worked. Misused, it can result in unrelenting, continuous efforting. The results may be motivating, but at a high cost.

There is the story of a famous Formula 1 race car driver who’s driving style was always pedal-to-the-metal. Even when well in the lead he never eased up, saving the car in order to cross the finish line as victor. Instead his continuous aggressive behavior frequently caused him to run off the road crashing his car and ending up DNF. From almost certain victory to not even finishing because of his continuous pushing. (The metal he ‘earned’ for crashing in one race was surgically implanted in his skull!)

On the other hand, highly successful people have learned that Continual beats Continuous. Continual means repeating a successful pattern, then pausing to absorb progress, review feedback, regroup, and reengage. Always wanting to be better but going with the flow of life not pushing and crashing!

(See also S:0936)

Coaching Point: Are you continually improving your life?

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