(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“What do I consider to be my best character trait?”

Coaching Point: Very few people are introspective enough to ask this Great Question of themselves. Fewer still have a clear answer. Those who do have a distinct advantage in life over those who don’t.

Socrates pointed out the benefits of “Know thyself.” More to the point is the downside of not knowing what you’re made of.

Would anyone expect a good and consistent outcome from cooking a dish without a recipe? Or painting a painting in the dark? Or raising fully functioning children without teaching them some core values for life success? (Well, sadly, yes to that one.)

What keeps us from being willing, eager even, to discern our best character trait? And that is ‘discern’ not create. By the time we look inward our life formula is pretty well set. Rarely does someone later in adulthood create a new character trait from whole cloth.

How about this? Take a considered look at people you admire. Whether you know them up close and personally or at a distance. The key feeling is ‘admire.’

What character traits do they exhibit? Not just talk about, exhibit. Which of those traits float to the top of your list? If you admire it, it probably already exists in you.

Which one is it? Which is your best character trait?

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