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“Every dream has an origin story.”

Tag line for a bank (Origin Bank, of course)

Coaching Point: We frequently talk about dreams. The importance of having dreams. The motivation they provide. The organizing energy they attract. Their ultimate effect.

Dreams are important.

Look deeper. Something causes each dream to come into being. Whether pain or pleasure, base or treasure, something happens that inspires the dream. Ah that’s it, inspiration is the spark. The igniting point of a dream.

When you know the origin story you know more about why the dream exists. You know its inspiration, its purpose. Whether the dream is to move towards something or away from it.

Dreams are important. Focusing thought, energy, and action on living a dream co-creates it into form.

Discovering the origin story underneath a dream gives it additional grounding and heft.

The dream is the endpoint. Its origin story is the start. Be clear about both.

What is the origin story behind your current dream?

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